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Penrod Software is a Microsoft SharePoint partner available to provide consulting services to clients looking to fully leverage their SharePoint investments.

Often used as a content management program for intranets, SharePoint can become a powerful collaborative tool. For organizations seeking a centralized knowledge repository and collaborative workspace, Microsoft SharePoint provides a secure place to organize, share, build, manage, and discover, all within a Microsoft Office like interface. Let Penrod Software help you maximize your SharePoint platform!

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 gives you the power

  • SkyDrive Pro keeps your documents in sync and accessible.
  • Create a single site for your team to organize content, share ideas, and manage a project.
  • Manage personal and team tasks within SharePoint and integrate with tools like Outlook and Project.
  • Site mailbox to manage project email and documents.
  • Store all your documents and collaborate with colleagues in real time.
  • Social feeds to stay on top of relevant content and collaborate with coworkers.
  • Groups and communities to engage in discussions with experts and find answers.
  • Mobile anywhere access.
  • Install apps to customize and extend your SharePoint sites.
  • Design and publish rich websites using familiar tools.
  • Adapt site experiences to create a unique experience.
  • Multi-step upgrade process allows you to upgrade servers without impacting users.
  • Servers are designed to use minimal resources yet deliver a snappy user experience.
  • Manage risk with a single place to perform eDiscovery across sites, email, and IM.
  • SharePoint allows you to find information within your company.
  • Personalized results based on your intent and past behavior.
  • Find people and connect with experts in your enterprise.
  • Discover insights and explore and combine data from multiple sources using PowerPivot.
  • Visualize data, share dashboards and interactive reports using Power View.