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Want CRM? A Microsoft CRM Partner can combine your CRM with the familiarity of Microsoft Office applications. Penrod Software is a Microsoft CRM Customization expert. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 equips companies with the ability to improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions. Penrod Software uses Microsoft Dynamics and customized solutions to achieve faster user adoption and an even faster return on your investment.


Advantages of using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

 Familiarity for Users – With the ability to integrate directly into Microsoft Outlook, users feel comfortable and adopt the software far quicker than other CRM solutions.

 Rapid Deployment – Deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM quicker with the help of Penrod Software, versus using an in-house solution.

 Stay Connected – With the ability to connect many users across many offices and departments, all employees will be able to stay up to date with using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 Cost Guarantee – With Penrod Software, deploying Dynamics CRM on a budget could not be easier. Penrod Software has extensive expertise that allows us to give an accurate budget that we guarantee.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Vision: Business Applications need to be proactive, productive, ubiquitous and flexible. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Vision

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

Optimize your sales efforts by deploying a familiar and intelligent solution that all of your sales people will feel like they have already used, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Take advantage of the ability for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be embedded in Microsoft Office. This will provide the capabilities to increase time with customers, shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, and achieve real-time insight.


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What can Penrod Software offer for your sales team?

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Penrod Software, companies can better coordinate with marketing by tracking leads in one centralized system, even if it’s across multiple offices. Sales teams can automatically associate email and messages with relevant leads and customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ability to see this information will allow sales teams to cross-sell and up-sell using solutions developed by Penrod Software.

Using custom workflows in Microsoft Dynamic CRM, you can quickly streamline the lead qualification process and keep track of conversions. Penrod Software helps you instantly segment your customer database to identify new leads, and automatically tracks contract renewal dates and details in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Penrod Software can help customers get a CRM marketing solution that is flexible, intuitive, and engineered to fit your business.

By customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to fit your needs, every touch point turns into a marketing opportunity to harnesses the full potential within your customer base.


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How can Penrod Software help marketing teams?

Penrod Software can help companies target their marketing efforts. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Penrod Software as a partner, companies can create highly targeted lists and associate them with multiple campaigns. As a central point of communication, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows target lists to be easily shared with colleagues. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help plan and track tasks, activities budgets, and details of each marketing activity. As leads come in, they can be easily assigned and scored based on predefined workflows created by Penrod Software. Instantly highlight the most promising leads so sales teams can immediately contact the customers. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, companies can gain key insights for decision making. Marketing teams can measure your marketing success with key performance indicators. You can gain business insight with flexible dashboard and inline data visualization. Marketing teams will easily be able to identify trends using powerful predictive analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Penrod Software come together to meet the changing expectations of customers with a service solution that is robust and flexible. Users will find great functionality and a familiar interface. Together, Microsoft and Penrod Software provide intelligent solutions that provide customer service professionals.


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How Penrod Software helps your Customer Service

Penrod Software uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to boost productivity with support representatives around the globe. One of the key features Penrod Software helps integrate is the ability to connect teams across businesses and provide a free flow of information.

When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for support teams it is especially beneficial to create and bulid cases using existing customer data. Support agents will have 100% of available information at their fingertips. Penrod Software can setup individual or team queues so that support problems go through workflow and are quickly resolved.

Penrod Software helps clients use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to setup a built in knowledge repository to increase resolution on first contact. Penrod Software can also setup custom workflows to save time and money, allocating questions and items into queues for support individuals or teams. Additionally, Penrod Software will help develop rule based approvals and escalation to make sure cases end up in the hands of the right support team or individuals.

CRM Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Penrod Software helps organizations migrate data from existing CRM solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. From Business Contact Manager to ACT! Penrod has experience porting over data in nearly all customer relationship solutions.

Penrod Software will help you migrate quickly, efficiently, and pain free. Penrod Software works with organizations to help migrate data from software such as Microsoft BCM, Sage, SalesForce, Goldmine and more! Penrod Software helps customers prepare and track the many details of information migration. It is our commitment to personalized solutions that makes Penrod Software one of the preferred companies when it comes to data migration.

Microsoft Business Contact Manager

Microsoft Business Contact Manager LogoPenrod Software has worked with many clients to move individual sales reps from Microsoft Business Contact Manager to Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft BCM is a great way for sales reps to keep track of customers and clients, but falls short when it comes to sharing data. Penrod Software can solve that problem by migrating companies from Microsoft Business Contact Manager to Dynamics CRM.

Sage ACT!

Sage ACT! LogoSage ACT! Is a great tool for keeping track of customers, but as companies grow they are going to need a much more robust system. This is where CRM needs to become XRM. Penrod Software can convert all of your Sage ACT! contacts and data over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM quickly and efficiently.

Goldmine Business Contact Manager

Goldmine LogoToday, many companies want a complete CRM that is fully customizable. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide that personalization. Penrod Software will give a fixed cost quote for converting from Goldmine. We are confident that we can quickly and easily convert any company from Goldmine to Dynamics CRM 2013. This confidence allows us to immediately total the cost of the project. Goldmine works well as a contact manager, but customers wanting a more robust solution know moving to Dynamics CRM is the way to go. Using Penrod Software as a partner will make it even easier!

Salesforce Online CRM

Salesforce LogoWith Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, its cloud, and on-premise capabilities, many organizations are considering moving from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. With the ability to do hybrid installs, where it's hosted but you only pay for the licenses + service fees, Dynamics CRM has become the most versatile software available. With Penrod Software, migration from SalesForce has never been easier. Penrod Software has helped many companies make the migration and will continue to assit others. Organizations love how smoothly and efficiently the changeover is. Most say they should have done it much sooner!

Siebel by Oracle

Siebel by Oracle LogoMany companies seeking ultimate customization are moving from solutions like Siebol to Dynamics CRM. Migrating from Siebol to Dynamics CRM has never been easier. Dynamics CRM is the most customizable CRM option out there today. Not only will organizations be able to customize more, but they can do it more cost effectively using Penrod Software. Penrod Software will help you setup and develop the customizations you need to fit your business process.

ScribeSoft WebsiteScribe Software Corporation provides cost-effective, no-coding data integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and other business applications. Scribe solutions are simple to configure and provide ease of modification as business processes change.

Businesses use ERP system like Dynamics Great Plains, Oracle, SAP and IBM AS/400 for managing finance, receivables, and inventory along with other functionalities. Organizations also implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage relationship with customers, offer customer support and help with marketing. With this kind of deployment they need integration between Dynamics CRM and ERP system like Dynamics Great Plains for following purposes:

  • Information Availability: Penrod Software will help retrieve information from other ERP Systems and display it in real-time in Dynamics CRM. For example, a sales rep (CRM user) receives a call from a customer enquiring about the availability of a product in a nearby warehouse. This information is maintained in their ERP system. Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sale representative will be able to retrieve this information from Dynamics Great Plains in real-time.
  • Data Consistency: Businesses who invest in ERP like Dynamics Great Plains and Dynamics CRM like to ensure consistency of data in business applications. This means using Data Standardization and Process Standardization. Data Standardization: Penrod Software makes sure all data will be standard and constant throughout the process and no information/data will be lost. Process Standardization: Penrod Software makes sure the data processed and all business processed remains in sync. This will allow for a smooth and quick transition.
  • Business Process Collaboration: Penrod Software helps businesses who want collaboration between two separate business applications. Let’s say for each sales order in Dynamics CRM you wish to create a manufacturing request in your SAP, Penrod Software can make that happen.

Penrod Software is a Scribe Software Certified Partner and uses Scribe Insight to provided data integration and migration software solutions to help people within an organization share critical customer data, to better focus – and take action – on critical business events. Scribe and Penrod Software recognize that no two customers’ integration requirements are the same…even if they are integrating between the same packaged business applications. Penrod Software uses Scribe Insight to provide a unique approach, using configurable integration software, that will enable mid market and large business alike to achieve enterprise-class integration.

Penrod Software Simplifies the Sales Process

Penrod Software, with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, can develop custom workflows or “Processes” to better enable companies to develop their CRM around their sales cycle. With CRM 2013, Microsoft has taken workflow even further by adding interactive dialogues. These dialogues can collect and process information using scripts which help walk users through a process. Dialogs require user input upon completion. This way, even if a person has never used Dynamics CRM before, the system will walk them through from lead to opportunity

Examples of Custom Workflow

  • Automatically assign a contact to an account based on the person's email address.
  • Automatically assign leads to both sales representatives and sales managers so that communication flows freely.
  • Automatically add follow ups to your calendar so you never have to worry about letting a lead slip by.
  • Integrate Sharepoint with Dynamics CRM so all shared documents are stored, safe, and viewable to even those without a Dynamics CRM license.
  • Automatically visit the site of a new contact and pull down company information.

Custom WorkFlow Designer in CRM 2011

CRM 2011 Custom Workflow Designer Screenshot